Monday, March 1, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Pretty Sneaky

I decided I should pay homage to my knitting guru and friend who first encouraged me to join the Etsy community! Katie of Pretty Sneaky taught me to knit on several winter breaks from college, but I never made more than a little swatch. I'm consider myself lucky that she moved back to Maine soon after another friend taught me to knit again. I still remember calling Katie with endless questions, but having an expert knitter across town encouraged me to pick up more challenging projects, since I knew she could help me out. I had quite an adventure driving all around town to various yarn stores to figure out a pattern because Katie was on vacation!

Last spring I received an email from Katie saying she had just opened a shop on Etsy. She gave me that final push to open my own shop a couple months later. She was then promoted from being my knitting guru to my etsy/facebook/paypal guru! Come visit her shop at:

Katie had told me about her knitted shoes last Christmas, but I couldn't quite picture the finished product. I was truly impressed when I first stopped by her store. Her custom-knit shoes are creative and unique. In her profile, she writes that socks have always been one of her favorite items to knit, so shoes were a natural progression. I have to say that I have only made one pair of socks when I took a class and have never made another pair! 

I'm definitely impressed by people who design their own patterns especially for such a unique item as a shoe. And I also have to love that photos of her shoes showcase beautiful Maine. Since I moved to suburban Boston a couple years ago, tastes of home are always welcome!

Katie welcomes custom orders, and I know she's always welcome to a challenge! She's a proud member of Etsy Maine Team. Her facebook page is:

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