Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new favorite place to buy yarn!

When I need a specific yarn, I like to support my local yarn store, but they don't always have what I need. The next step is the internet... it's pretty amazing how many yarn stores there are online! But I have to rave about Herrschners. I'm familiar with many other online stores but hadn't come across this one until recently. Herrschners has merchandise for many different crafts. They also have some free patterns and several how-to videos.

I think their yarn selection varies widely. The yarn I originally purchased is no longer available on the website. But they offer incredible prices on their yarns - everything is marked down from their suggested retail. And on top of that, they offer weekly specials and "hot buys" for even better prices!

As much as I love fancy yarn, I tend to buy less expensive yarns. My closet is full of Lion Brand Wool-Ease at the current moment because it's been great for my holiday pillows and dog sweaters. I keep telling myself that once my store picks up and I have more sales, then I can afford the nicer yarns! I love Herrschners because you can pick up some great yarns on a hot buy! I signed up for email updates and think I need to take my name off the list because it's so tempting. I've managed so far to make only one purchase, but it's been hard not to buy more! I'm about to check out yarn measurements for a baby hoodie pattern to see if one of their sale yarns matches what I need. I already think it's too thin, so I might just pull out some more willpower and close the website!

Okay, I failed miserably at that. I did not buy the yarn for the baby sweater but did buy the yarn I saw earlier today that I absolutely love. Here's a picture:

I ordered three balls of this color and three balls of a rich purple to make some scarves. Here's what sucked me in - there were only three balls remaining of the purple. I'd hate to check back tomorrow and see that they're gone... this is the same reason why I eat so many sweets at work. I'm not known for my willpower - ask any of my coworkers. Each ball of yarn was only $2.99. That's not so bad right? I promised no new yarn until I use more of what I have in my closet. But these balls are very little and don't take up much room. And, I don't actually have any yarn in stock right now for scarves, so that makes it okay. I think that's enough excuses for now. Sigh... it's tough to be addicted to yarn!

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