Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spotlight on Max and Izzy

Sigh... what to do... Dan had another assignment due this week which limited my computer time drastically. Then, I had evening plans out tonight which means I don't have time to write full spotlight. I love browsing through my favorites and new stores to feature one in my spotlight! As you can tell, I don't write many other, regular articles for my blog. So I hate to miss my spotlight this week, but I think my next one will wait until Monday. Instead, I spotlight once again those adorable fuzzy felines in New Orleans, Max and Izzy.

My sister was so excited that her cats are now on the web! They're famous, she says! She sent me some more pictures of them, and they happen to be sleeping on a blanket I knit for her. Kristen really wanted me to make her a blanket, and I told her if she bought the yarn, then sure I would make a blanket. Well, one weekend together in Maine visiting our family, she was ready to go yarn shopping! She settled on a nice wave pattern that uses Lion Brand Homespun - one of my favorite yarns. It can be a pain to knit with since the needles can snag on the loops, but the yarn is very forgiving when you make mistakes! We spent quite a long time at Jo-Ann Fabric matching colors to the pattern.

Her cats immediately took to it and spend many an hour sleeping on their new blanket. It's a little difficult to see the blanket, so I've also posted a picture of a scarf I made with the remaining yarn. It's just a narrower version of the same pattern. Okay, I really am spotlighting the cats and not my knitting, but I need a little ego trip after a long day at work! :)

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