Friday, March 5, 2010

Can anyone find me a 25th hour in a day so I can knit?

Who knew wedding planning could be so time consuming? I suppose I should have known better. I originally wanted a wedding with immediate family only. My finance and I are not planning a long engagement, so this seemed do-able. But then one night he informed me that if we're not going to city hall to get married, then he will be inviting some extended relatives and two friends. We've managed to keep it quite small, but suddenly I had a wedding to plan! Yikes!

However, I shouldn't complain. Within 5 weeks, I have a date, place, caterer, dress, bridesmaid dresses, justice of the peace, and am mostly set with a photographer. The caterer is impossible to get a hold of, but I do feel confident that I will have some food at my wedding! The best part is most things have fallen into my lap at really good deals, so we're doing really well!

Anyone who lives near Waltham, Massachusetts should be sure to check out Gore Place. This is where Dan and I will have our ceremony and reception. It's a great historic mansion dating back to the early 1800s. We originally were looking at their carriage house but learned we can use the mansion instead because our party is so small! How can you pass that up? I passed up the beautiful Italian Garden at another estate for the mansion. It was not a tough choice. The mansion offers great educational programs throughout the year and weekend tours. I love showing the place off, so here are some pictures:

They have an annual Sheep Shearing Festival, hence the photo of the sheep. I wanted to go last year but wasn't able to make it. Maybe this year. I just saw that they have crafters at the festival! I don't think I can have enough knit goods ready to go in one month, but I'll definitely keep this in mind for next year. What a great place to see some dog sweaters! It may not be quite the right time of year for scarves though.

But wedding planning makes it tough to work on my knitting! I had to research photographers this week and justices of the peace last week. This upcoming week is florists. And some time before April, I need to make all my birthday cards for the next year. I have a great break in birthdays in February and March, so I stamp all my cards at one. It can take a few days, and April is quickly approaching! But after researching and emailing different contacts, then come the phone calls - so much for my simple wedding. I can still proudly boast that, with the exception of catering, we are doing extremely well in the low-budget category.

My goal tonight was to knit, knit, knit away. Here it is almost 8:00, and I still haven't glanced in the direction of my knitting bag! Except for this blog, there was no wedding things to do tonight. Instead I got to talk to Verizon for the 100th time about my internet signal. I'm very proud that I managed not to yell at anyone tonight. All recent conversations end up with lots of yelling and a blood pressure that is probably off the charts!

But enough talk. Time to put away the leftovers, sit down, and pull out that knitting! I think I can hear it calling my name...


  1. I'm sure it will all be wonderful. If you fancy an extra challenge I have a crochet pattern from the early '70s for a wonderful crocheted wedding dress..... no?

  2. Congrats on your up-coming wedding! I'll vote for a 25th hour, too!

    Cathy of