Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - WooldeBeast

I am admittedly a very clumsy person. I can trip over nothing, and it's sometimes embarrassing to wear shorts in the summer because my legs have random bruises on them! So I live vicariously through professional athletes. I am happy to watch just about any sport and therefore love the Olympics! It's tough turning my tv off so that I can get up in the morning for 6am gym class. For my spotlight this week, I searched "Olympics" on Etsy's main page and came across some great stores that feature some interesting Olympics-related items. But then I stumbled across WooldeBeast and knew this was the store to spotlight. Come visit it at:

WooldeBeast opened this past September and had its first sale approximately one week after opening! Congrats to that! WooldeBeasts are created from recycled wool sweaters. This shop owners designs each WooldeBeast invidiaully, although she admits her two children serve as her "Design Advisors." It's always good a get a second opinion! Although her children have a hand in the designing process, WooldeBeasts are not meant to be a child's toy. Most items have small buttons or fringe which could be a choking hazard for a young child.

After designing, this store owner then machine sews each lovable beast. She also makes mittens and pouches. Many items feature hand embroidered detailing, which adds individual personality. Wooldebeasts are stuffed with Ecofill, which this store owner reports is made from recycled/spun soda bottles. I love when I come across these Green stores!

Each beast has his/her own name and even a little story to go along with it! This store owner does write young adult fiction in her spare time, so I imagine it must be fun to add these little tidbits to each beast's story.

This store owner lives in Toronto, and I'm sure is proud to call Canada home to the 2010 winter Olympics! Here is her Olympic AlpineBeast, a ski jumper who enjoys jumping off pillows for practice! This store owner is a member of the PlushTeam; Recyclers' Guild Team; Oh, Canada Team; Etsy Canada; and EtsyEarthTeam.

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