Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Ana Diaz Arte

Although Katie from Pretty Sneaky was my first official fan on Etsy, Ana was the first person to find my store on their own and mark it a favorite. So I hold a dear place in my heart for Ana! She opened her Etsy shop around the same time I did, and I think I became her first sale when I purchased some gift boxes. Ana now has three Etsy shops, but Ana Diaz Arte is her original. Her other shops, Vellum Creations and AMarte Baby, are equally impressive and showcase the depth of talent Ana has. Her work varies from stamped gift boxes to crocheted baby items to jewelry and accessories.

When Ana's new items pop up on Facebook, I notice a lot of flowers in her work. She credits her grandmother with this interest in nature. Her grandfather used to own a jewelry store, so she was destined to make jewelry from a young age! Ana uses 100% cotton embroidery floss to make her creations. She often adds yarns, beads, or needle felted wool to embellish her items. What really impresses me is when Ana refers to crocheting with embroidery floss. I know how difficult it can be to maintain a consistent guage with fine yarn. Embroidery floss is even thinner! I've had some baby projects that just don't look quite right because the yarn is too thin - maybe it's just my talent level! :)

As with fingerless mitts/gloves, I don't necessarily understand wrist cuffs. But as I shop through Etsy, I realize how popular both items are. Ana offers a nice selection of cuffs in her shop in many colors and styles. These cuffs are one of her most popular items, and she's already sold several. I think my sense of fashion is just too basic! It's only been in the last couple of months that I've been able to wear a pair of heels for the entire day at work - and they're not really even that high!

Ana's always trying to come up with new ideas for her work. I like to follow a pattern from start to finish, so the fact that Ana creates her own designs is pretty impressive to say the least!

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