Monday, March 8, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Lori's Place

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I grew up with Frosted Flakes and Lucky Charms for breakfast, and ice cream was always available for dessert. While marshmallows in my cereal no longer hold quite the same appeal as they once did, sweets, candy, and chocolate still rank high on my list of preferred foods! When I signed onto Etsy yesterday, I saw some adorable wedding dress shortbread cookies on the front page. Being in wedding mode, I thought these were worth a closer look. And then I entered Lori's Place - a dream come true for me!

Lori has been baking as a child and has certainly perfected the craft. Her resume includes several fine bakeries and pastry shops in Michigan and Head Pastry Chef for the Florida Panthers hockey team! Now that's impressive to have on your resume! Lori was even named the top Stadium Pastry Chef in South Florida in 2002. She credits Executive Chef Jon Perrault for helping her perfect her skills.

Lori joined the Etsy community in late 2008 and has been quite successful! I'm still working toward sale #8, and Lori is approaching 650! That must say something about the quality of her cookies. I've yet to try any myself, but her cookies look outstanding! Her flower garden cookies are my hands down favorite. The colors she uses  are so vibrant and rich, and the quality of her icing is amazing! I would never guess each cookie is hand decorated because they are done so well.

What also impresses me about Lori's Place is the selection of cookies! She offers such a large variety of shapes. I had a hard time leaving her store because each picture I came across looked better than the last! Lori also offers brownies, bars, and other non-shortbread cookies which also look quite tasty. Lori uses "extracts" which come from the Carribean for added flavor. Additionally, there are no preservatives in her baking.

I'm sure I've made everyone hungry now, so happy shopping!

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