Monday, January 11, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Sweaterettes

Happy one month anniversary to Sweaterettes! This great shop opened one month ago today and has already had one sale! The shop owner began knitting over 30 years ago when she was only 7. You can visit this shop at:

I have to admit that I found this shop through Link Love. I came across so many great shops this way and thought it was only appropriate to spotlight one of them this week. This shop features both knit and crochet fingerless gloves and gift bags. What really drew me to this store is the mini-sweater gift bags featured! These are incredibly adorable and the perfect gift wrap for a small gift - jewelry, ipod, gift cards, cell phones, etc.

I come across a lot of knitting patterns for fingerless gloves. Since I'm always so cold, I can never quite imagine wearing gloves without fingers. But this shop owner makes them look fashionable and fun. I can definitely picture myself in a pair of these on a crisp fall day when you just want a little extra warmth but don't need to pull the winter gloves out yet!

In addition to etsy, this shop owner also has her own website: This site sells knit and crochet patterns for fingerless gloves, mini-sweater gift bags, hair pin lace, scarves and scarflettes, and handbags. One set of patterns that intrigues me the most is the 3-D Afghans. These finished products  must be truly impressive! Several patterns, such as these afghans, are available in crochet, hand knit, or machine knit. All patterns are available by PDF through email or through regular mail.

You can also follow this shop with Twitter:


  1. Just found your blog through sweaterettes (I think). I'm a jewellery maker and have been blogging about my little shop for about 8 months. Still learning how to position photos and text in the right places. Your blog looks really good.

  2. Very nice writeup of Sweaterettes' shop! :)

  3. Thanks Fiona! It took quite a bit of practice in my first couple of posts to line everything up just so. I still hit the preview button repeatedly to check photo placement. And then it still looks different when I post the article!