Monday, January 4, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Bailey Bowls

I told myself no animals this week after featuring animals or animal products the last couple of weeks. But then I came across Bailey Bowls and knew I had to feature this great store! You can visit the shop at:

Lisa is the shop owner, and Bailey is one of her dogs. As Lisa says in her store, Bailey gets all the credit! He even has his own line of ceramics, so he's doing well for himself. One piece in her Bailey Ware line also features an image of Lisa's other dog, Luna. It must be nice to incorporate a piece of your family into your artwork. I could try knitting Pheoda's profile onto a dog sweater, but that might not look quite so nice - or sophisticated!

Lisa makes all of her pieces individually. In her profile, she talks about the maleable and pliable nature of the clay, which draws her to it. I think she showcases these features of the clay really well in her work. Along with fine lines and clean edges, there is a bit of whimsy to her creations. Attached to a mug are three kittens running around, attached to Luna's food dish is Bailey, painted onto a bowl are lady bugs. One different movement with the clay would lead to an entirely different finished product!

I'm impressed with the selection of items that Lisa offers in her store. She has a line of colanders, Bailey's ceramics, tableware including several adorable salt and pepper shaker sets, buttons, soap/sponge holders, and business card holds - just to name a few. All of her pieces are food safe, microwaveable, and dishwasher safe. I certainly think she does Bailey proud!

Lisa is a proud member of the Etsy Mud Team and SFEtsy Team.

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