Sunday, January 10, 2010

Loving Link Love!

So I've been a little lazy this week with my poor blog. I'm happily planning vacation for late spring, and my computer time has gone into hotels, airfare, planning! I did manage to finish and post another dog sweater in my store, but I think it took me two nights to weave in a few ends of yarn! I've already received a request for a larger size, so I'm pretty happy about that.

In addition to travel plans, all the rage this week online has been Link Love. Maybe I just never heard of this before, or maybe it's just taken off in the last week, but it's all over facebook right now! Everyone is posting their etsy shops, facebook pages, twitter pages, and blogs for others to check out and fan. I have to say I always debate whether or not to fan someone just because they fan you first, although I do tend to do it quite often. But when you're looking for fans and followers, this is a great idea! And I've had a lot of fun looking at other people's pages, shops, and blogs. It just takes a lot of time going through all the links!

But I do thank all my new followers who have found me through Link Love!


  1. I found you through Link Love - and I wonder too whether to fan everyone - but I tend to do it with someone I feel I have a link with. Dogs were our link, hence I am following you.
    Good luck with your endeavours :)

  2. Thanks Pat!

    It's funny because I don't even own a dog - if you read through my blog, you'll hear about my cat, Pheoda. But knitting dog sweaters is one of my favorite things to do! They are all just so cute!