Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Crafthope

I've had terrible internet problems this week, so I'm a little behind. I'm hoping I can keep my connection long enough to finish this spotlight! Today I'm featuring Craft Hope, which is the brain child of two mothers, Sarah and Jade, wanting to help earthquake victims in Haiti. All proceeds (minus Etsy fees) will go to Doctors without Borders in Haiti to help the relief effort. You can visit this shop at:

Sarah and Jade have been taking donations from the crafting community and adding them to their store. Unfortunately, donations are only being accepted through this evening due to the high response they have received. There is an incredible variety of items in their shop, ranging from blankets, accessories, crafting patterns, and artwork. They hope to reassess in two weeks to see if/how this project will move forward.

The response from both crafters and shoppers has been overwhelming to say the least. Craft Hope opened on January 14 and has already had over 1,000 sales. This is truly impressive, both for the number of items being donated and the number of items being purchased! What a great idea this has been. Jade and Sarah set a goal of $5,000. They were quickly approaching $10,000 in sales on Monday. I only wish I had heard of this great cause sooner! I will definitely be back to see what new items are added and shop around.

Sarah and Jade acknowledge it can be tough these days to trust people claiming to send proceeds to charity. We've all heard stories of scams arising when tragedy hits. Sarah and Jade will post their transaction to Doctors Without Borders on their website:

Be sure to check out this great store! It might be too late to donate an item, but it's not too late to shop!

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  1. What a wonderful spotlight!!! I just had to go visit and show my support!! Thanks for picking this store to spotlight!