Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Celebrating Etsy Knitters!

I am a happy member of the Etsy Knitters Team. It's so much fun to connect with other knitters. It's also been great having a place to go with questions about Etsy or even just selling items. There are many seasoned pros in the group!! You can check out all our hard work in several places:

*Yahoo Group:
*Street Team:
*Flickr Group:
*Ravelry Group:
*Facebook Group:
*"EtsyKnitters Team" Tag Search on Etsy:

The group recently put together a fun game to get into the holiday spirit! Be sure to check out the items that complete the following phrase, as well as all the other great Etsy Knitters! Not sure why some links turned out blue when I made them all red, but oh well. Happy shopping! 

S ... is for SIREN 
A ... is for Autumn Wool Dog Sweater
N ... is for 
Not a Pink or Blue Baby Set
T ... is for 
A ... is for 
Alpha Hat

I ... is for 
Island Sea Blue Felted Wool Wristlet
S ... is for 
Sigmund the Sea Monster

C for
Cute Horse
O for
Olive green purses
M for 
Mustard Fingerless Gloves
I ... is for I
tty bitting stocking ornament
N ... is for 
Nothin But Fringe Scarf
G ... is for 
Green Scarf 

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  1. Uploading these pictures worked differently than my other posts. They all got a little fuzzy when I made them bigger. Hopefully this isn't an ongoing trend.