Monday, December 21, 2009

Sarah's Spotlight - Azure Dandelion

Growing up, my mom kept a country feel to our home. Perhaps that's why I immediately found Azure Dandelion's art so appealing. You can visit this shop at:

Many Etsy shops are run by individuals, but Azure Dandelions is a family affair. The Rain family creates a large variety of art, including small household items, furniture, bird houses, and wall art. When you visit their website, you also learn that the family makes health and beauty products as well! I'm more than impressed with the amount of talent in one family!

In the knitting world, I'm learning more about natural fibers, such as eco-wool and organic cotton. The Rain family uses many recycled and/or reclaimed items in their art work. What might look like a scrap piece of wood to us becomes the background for a beautiful painting to the Rains. This combination of painted nature scenes on recycled nature products is so intriguing! It really adds to the country, primitive folk feel of their artwork.

I'm really drawn to the floral artwork but also get lost looking through the animal paintings they offer as well. The family uses such great combinations of colors with their designs. The art is vibrant yet subtle, bold and tame all at once. I first fell in love with the daisy door topper I picture here:

I had high hopes of moving into a bigger apartment that needed more artwork. Although, while I type away facing the red curtain over my door, I can picture it sitting nicely on top, matching the flowers on my bedspread. Hmm.... maybe I'll have to see if any Christmas money comes my way. There's no way I could pick just one item though! I've never considered myself a country decorator, but the Rain family might just convert me with their lovely artwork! Be sure to stop by and check it out for yourself!

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful spotlight.
    What a beautifully written article.
    The Rain Family