Friday, December 18, 2009

A Crafter's Dilemma

How many crafters and artisans run into this problem: what project do I start next? I stocked up on yarn over Thanksgiving when I found some great sales. So now I keep asking myself, which yarn do I use next? I worked on a small project this week that took much longer than I thought it would to finish. While that frustrated me a bit, it did give me more time to make a decision: baby sweater or dog sweater? I have a great pattern for a striped baby cardigan that I have made before. I was pleasantly surprised by how far the yarn went, as I was able to make three cardigans. I wasn't as impressed though with the colors once it was put together. Although the sweater is designed to fit babies 0-9 months, these colors were a little more "baby" than I wanted. The pattern shows it in great shades of green and purple, making it look really sophisticated. So I purchased some yarn in shades of red and green (but not Christmas-y!) that will look great! But I have oh so much yarn for dog sweaters that is taking up room in my closet. Sigh...

So after much thought tonight, I decided to make another dog sweater since I only have two pet items listed in my shop and many more baby items (although only one baby sweater). I think it might have been a sign when I realized I don't have size 9 double pointed needles needed for the pattern. However, when I look in my knitting bag, there is another dog pattern and yarn ready to go. How did that happen? I am just too tempted to try all of these new patterns I have! Who knew it would be this difficult just to start a new project? I don't usually have so many options all at once!

Can't wait to see the finished product! I also can't wait to see when this baby sweater finally gets made! We're bracing for a potential big snow storm on Sunday, so I might be able to make one dog sweater and start the cardigan all in the same weekend. That does hold some appeal.

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