Monday, April 12, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Katherynmd

I am the first to admit that I hate coffee. However, I love the smell of coffee and am also a huge fan of anything coffee flavored (ice cream, DD's coolattas, candy, etc). I've yet to be able to replicate the taste of coffee ice cream or candy in an actual cup of coffee. But Katherynmd has such appealing pictures, that it makes me want to try again!

Katheryn is the second generation in her family to be in the coffee business. Reading through her profile, one learns how much attention and detail is put into creating all the great flavors in this shop. Every individual coffee has its own strengths and sometimes its own weaknesses. Katheryn strives to combine the strengths of coffees from around the world into her specialty blends. Before making it into her store, the blend must pass the taste test both black and with cream and sugar. Experience has shown that some blends work well either black or with cream and sugar. This shop owner wants her blends to please each customer's individual tastes.

Katheryn does a great job describing each blend, highlighting its overall flavor and all the subtleties that exist as well. Her Midnight Rose blend has "hints of gentle fruit, nut & perhaps smoky tones", while Sweet Mountain Mocha "is very clean with subtle fruit tones escaping from it’s background." All of Katheryn's coffee is organic and is sold in 1lb bags. Her coffee is available ground or whole bean.

Here is one of my favorite features in Katheryn's store - she will personalize the label for you! If you send her someone's name, she will incorporate it on the label. She can offer this because all of her coffee is made to order. They are packaged in heat sealed bags and has a shelf life of two years. Katheryn offers some great tips in her profile to help keep your coffee fresh:

1) Never keep your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator as it dries out the natural oils in the coffee.
2) Air and light can significantly impact coffee. Therefore, keep your coffee in an airtight, non-transparent container once it is open.
3) Bad water will only lead to bad tasting coffee!

I'm always impressed with other Etsy sellers who strive to do good in their community. Katheryn is a proud member of Etsy Project Embrace, a group whose purpose is to create awareness and support for people suffering from cancer. Many team members donate a portion of their proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

Katheryn also has another Etsy Shop, Things Olde and New, where she sells vintage goods, antiques, jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items.


  1. Fantastic article! I appreciate you featuring my coffees & shops. This is a wonderfully done Blog. Thank you, Katheryn Marie

  2. You're very welcome! I love writing my spotlights!