Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cozy Cat Beds!

I was very excited a couple years ago to come across a pattern for a knit cat bed. How much fun would that be to make? The cat bed was my first adventure into knitting for pets. Although I don't have pictures on hand, my first bed turned out a little too loose. The sides don't stay upright, so it's more like a big rug for the cats. However, my mom's cats, Sammy and Suzy, LOVE it! Suzy tends to suckle the bed and carry it around the house with her. It really is quite the sight watching her try to walk around the house with this huge bed in between her legs. You never know exactly where it will show up next. If left on my mom's bed, Sammy will curl up in it and bask in the sunlight. What a life!

My older sister saw this cat bed and decided that her cats, Duke and Chornushka, also needed one. I had learned my lesson and knit my second cat bed much more tightly. The sides still fold down sometimes, but it does retain its shape much better. Duke and Chornushka became quick fans of their bed. However, because theirs is smaller, they don't both fit in it together. Chornushka is the runt of her litter, but Duke is anything but a runt! He is all muscle, and his legs might be taller than Chornushka's entire body!

So, not surprisingly, I received a request for a second cat bed. Now they can sit side by side in their beds and watch the world go by them. When they heard that their cousins, Pheoda, Max, and Izzy, were famous in my blog, they wanted their spotlight as well! Duke is in the green and blue bed, and Chornushka is in the pink one. What cuties!

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