Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Pea in a Pod

Before I start my spotlight, I want to apologize for the lack of postings recently. Some weeks, I find I don't have much to say. Recently, I've had some good knitting topics to write about, but my internet connection has been really inconsistent. It seems to be on the upswing, so hopefully I will be able to be more active soon. But on to the fun part...

Pea in a Pod is one the first Etsy shops I marked as a favorite store. When I first joined Etsy, I browsed both scarves and baby products to get ideas for my own store - photography, item descriptions, pricing. I instantly fell in love with the professional look and great items offered by this store owner. You can visit the full shop at:

This store owner is a mother of two young daughters, and she appears to be quite crafty! In her profile, she lists her interests as knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidery, and photography among others. The photos posted on her flickr photostream are certainly impressive - there are a few photos of lightning that are stunning! And the cheesecake looks delicious, one of my favorites!

It's impossible not to love the pea pods that this shop owner has designed. In fact, I just purchased the PDF pattern to have this available for baby gifts! It makes a great alternative to hats and booties for shower gifts. Working in a pediatric rehabilitation facility, I'm around babies quite a bit. It really is amazing how much swaddling can help calm a baby. These pea pods are fashionable and functional at the same time! This store owner also offers adorable hats to keep the baby's head warm while in its pea pod.

Just recently, this store owner decided to focus on selling patterns. There are a few hand knit items remaining in her shop, and she will continue to knit items until she runs out of her supply of yarn. So if you want a pre-made pod or matching hat, this is your chance to buy one! Otherwise, you will have to learn to knit and make one yourself! I know I can't wait to make mine. I've heard a little bit about this magic loop method she refers to in her pattern. I've never tried this before but anything that gets me out of using double pointed needles is worth a try!

Now, I just need to work on finding a baby as adorable as in her pictures. The two baby dolls I use just don't quite compare! 

Be sure to also visit this shop at:

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  1. Beautiful, I love the items, great shop, thanks for sharing Sarah!