Monday, February 15, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - Happy Hands Store

Margaret has been a successful Etsy Store Owner since September 2007. Her first store, Local Gringos, features her Knotes for Knitters cards, magnets, postcards, and tote bags. Until just recently, Margaret's Happy Hands Lotions could be found here. On January 27, 2010, she opened her second store: Happy Hands Store, where she will exclusively feature her amazing lotions. You can see her full selection at:

Margaret is a former archaologist (I love that!) and is now a knitter and graphic designer. She creates her own designs from vintage knitting images for her Knotes for Knitters store. She uses goat milk and honey to create fabulous hand cremes. I can tell you from first-hand experience that her scents are dead on. Just after Christmas, I purchased a winter sampler set, which consisted of: Cinnamon Cider, Gingerbread, Holiday Wreath, Holly Berry, Hot Buttered Rum, Peppermint, Spicy Pumpkin, and Winter Pines. I have to say that while Winter Pines was not a preferred scent for me, it did indeed make my hands smell like a Christmas tree farm! I still have a few scents left to try, but the ones I've used so far are so yummy!

What impresses me the most is how long you can use each lotion. Each sampler pack is 1/4 ounce in size. I have been able to get 3 or 4 uses out of each scent. I was certainly surprised by this! The lotion is nice and creamy, so you don't need much to cover your hands. This is exactly what Margaret had in mind when she created these lotions.

Margaret offers several seasonal sampler sets (how's that for alliteration?), 2-, 4-, and 8-ounce bottles of lotion. She has just introduced her newest item, a 1-ounce Tottle. Only a few scents are available at this time, but she hopes to expand this to other scents in the near future. These tottles allow you to keep your favorite scent within hands reach at all times. These refillable bottles look great, since you can purchase this once and refill from your favorite scent over and over again.

If you're wondering what makes these lotions so great, here is an overview of the key ingredients Margaret uses. I pulled this information directly from her store:

~ Goat’s milk is naturally high in protein, triglycerides, and loaded with absorbable Vitamins A, B6, B12 and E ... making it an excellent natural moisturizer that helps hydrate and nourish your skin.

~ Bee's honey has been used in skin products since ancient times, because it is a natural antioxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

~ Shea butter comes from the nut of the African karite tree, and is an extremely therapeutic emollient, helping to heal cracked and damaged skin.

Margaret uses pure cosmetic-grade fragrance oils (all phthalate-free) to create her scents. The Happy Hands lotions absorb quickly into your skin, but the scent stays strong.

Margaret is a fellow Etsy Knitter.

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