Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's a doggone world

As I mentioned last time, I really want to enter the world of dog sweaters. I very stupidly started a pattern last week that I thought I had read through completely. You just know this isn't going to end well...

I was very happily knitting, so impressed with myself because I love this sweater! Then my pattern directed me "to work in the established pattern until the piece measures 1" less than the length of your dog from neck to tail." Later I was directed to measure around the belly to add a belt and fit around the neck. Hmm... how will my dear feline friend help me with that? I must admit that little Pheoda does wear (and tolerate!) a bandana at times, especially after her semi-annual shavings. Doesn't help here.

My weekend may consist of shopping around the Petco while secretly (or not so secretly) measuring their dog sweaters! I'm also open to measurements if anyone has already measured a dog so I have some guidelines to get started. Who knew this would be so difficult? :)

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