Friday, November 27, 2009

A Finished Product!

Finally! My first dog sweater is for sale in my shop. You can visit my store at: Can't you just imagine a little pooch walking around with a touch of sparkle? I didn't plan a holiday sweater, but this is just perfect for the season! This was my least favorite dog sweater of the patterns I have because the picture in the pattern isn't that great. But the finished product is adorable!

It was tempting to try it out for size on poor Pheoda. Given that she's been a little under the weather, it seemed unusually cruel to ask that of her, much less ask her to pose for pictures for my Etsy page! But how cute would that be? That little black part of my soul still wants to give it a try. That darn cat never scratches nor bites, so there is a fair chance of success. I can feel her shooting me mean glances just at the thought of this. Plus, what dog would want to wear a sweater once donned by a cat though?

Here are some pictures of the sweater - I love showing it off because it's so adorable! It really might be one of my favorite items I have knit thus far! And I'm almost finished with dog sweater #2 with a custom order already in for my aunt's dog, Sally. Finally, some real measurements instead of guessing! I suppose if I'm going to have a new obsession, knit dog sweaters isn't too bad a choice!

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