Monday, June 28, 2010

Sarah's Spotlight - BeachyRustica

Who isn't ready for summer? And what's better than a trip to the beach on a warm summer day? I know I would have certainly preferred that to work today! Sometimes though you just can't get to the ocean. We all know how that goes. Luckily for us, BeachyRustica offers the next best thing - bring a bit of the beach to you! I happened to be browsing through different sections of Craft Is Art tonight for my spotlight. The beautiful colors found in this store drew me right in! I happen to love sea glass as well and am really intrigued by how this shop owner turns it into cabinet knobs.

The largest variety of items in this shop are the cabinet knobs, but the owner also offers drawer pulls, wall hooks, magnets, and tiles. In addition to sea glass, the owner offers fused glass knobs which are also quite unique. There is such a large variety of colors to choose from! I look at one cabinet knob listing and keep checking out the others to see different color combinations! You can visit the owner's personal website at to view different colors.

As mentioned before, BeachyRustica also offers ceramic tiles. These tiles knobs, hooks, and magnets are created from tiles handmade by Emily Ulm. While this shop mostly features beach-themed tiles (starfish, mermaid, and seahorse among others), the personal website shows a larger selection including an acorn, tree, and rabbit. Since I already raved about this shop's wonderful color selection, it should also be noted that these hooks are also available in several different glazes to match your personal taste.

I have to admit that I don't necessarily give much thought to cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, and wall hooks. Maybe I've lived in too many apartments, where I don't have much say in these things! But I love how light and summery the cabinets are in BeachyRustica's pictures! It does inspire me to redecorate, although I'm not sure my landlord would approve!

BeachyRustica also has a shop on Etsy.

You can friend BeachyRustica on Facebook.

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