Sunday, June 20, 2010

Poor Neglected Blog

I realize that I had no spotlight this week after giving 6/14 as a return date from vacation. Sigh... I was so excited to upload, organize, and label my pictures from vacation, that I couldn't seem to get back into this whole blogging thing. But then my sister told me today that I had not posted anything to my blog in quite some time, so my neglect has not gone unnoticed. It's now midnight, my fiance might still be out fishing if he's not on his way back home, I overspent at the outlets today, and I should be in bed. But, here I am!

What's new with Yard By Yard Knits? I posted my Topaz Dog Sweater and Orange and Yellow Baby Hat to my store this past week. I did struggle with the price for my dog sweater. I have the same sweater listed in a smaller size for $25. This sweater is a large, and I can also make it in extra-large. I had already decided to charge a little extra for it, but I wasn't sure how much. I debated between $28 and $30, but decided to go with the more even $30. Is $5 too much of a price increase for the extra time and yarn that the bigger sweater uses? I'm still deciding...

My current knitting project is a small catnip mat. I am making a rectangle to fill with fluff and catnip for my kitty friends. My sister emailed me and said here's a great idea for your shop. I've made some cat toys in the past but nothing for the shop yet. It's on my endless to do list. So I have dropped all other knitting to make sweet Izzy a catnip mat! This one will be long enough for her to hold in her front paws and kick with her back feet, allowing for maximum play and fun! One problem with knit cat toys is that their claws sometimes get stuck in the yarn while playing. I decided to go with a multiple cable pattern to keep the stitches a little tighter with the hopes that claws won't get stuck as easily. It looks great, but working 5 cables every 4th row certainly does slow down my progress! What could be an afternoon project will likely take me a couple days. Oh well, it will look beautiful when it's done!

I'm also looking forward to being featured in an upcoming blog by Audrey's Country Crafts. Her Etsy shop is currently closed while she is working on some home renovations. But she features other Etsy shops on her blog. I will also be participating in my first giveaway through her blog! Yea! I'm pretty excited about this. I've been wanting to do one without being able to organize it in my head. If someone else can do it for me, I won't complain!

It really is time for bed now. I will return with a spotlight this week!